Diagnosed at 30

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 30. It came on quickly, in my hands first. My hands were so swollen and in so much pain, it kept me up at night in tears. I finally went to the doctor and he told me I had RA. I was shocked and scared, I didn't even know what it was. But from that moment on my life changed. Through the years I had two children and switched jobs numerous times. Each job gave me challenges from the RA, but I kept working through the pain. My children were getting bigger and my medications kept changing because nothing seemed to work and/or my insurance would change. It was an uphill battle that I always felt I was losing. After years of struggling with work and just not keeping up or being exhausted, I was accepted on disability because of my extremely active disease. My body was fighting itself and losing badly. I was always in pain and exhausted, barely able to keep my home clean. Now after years of having this debilitating disease, and watching how it has changed my life and changed me. I no longer work and I’m a divorced mom of growing boys. Every day is a challenge but I keep strong and keep going if not for myself, for my children. I am still struggling with changing medication and my daily pains and exhaustion. But, I remain happy and hopeful that someday there will be a cure for this debilitating disease.

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