RA diagnosed at young age

Those days I was in high school. It was January 2012. And I was 16. I felt inflammation in my fingers. In April I came to know that I've RA. It was not a big deal for me that time because I didn't knew how dangerous it can be.

Now, I'm almost a disabled person. My career is on question mark. My ribs are paining so much. It feel like my body is falling apart. I can't remember when I got a relaxed sleep. My daily aims are how to survive today. I've so many dreams but in the end of the day I only feel vulnerable. I don't want to depend on other persons.

I can't do fashion like other girls do. I can't wear shoes and heels, jeans and other fashionable cloths or jewelry. Besides this all my joints are misplacing. I remember what was I when I was 16. It took me 6 years to accept that I'm DISABLED.

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