My Life with RA

My journey started last June. My wrists were hurting, and I even had to call in due to chronic pain. I went to the doctor and she told me she thought I had some arthritis and if I had any more issues to check in. After that I had major pain - every part of my body hurt.

Swelling, pain, and an RA diagnosis

I finally went back to the doctor with a swollen knee. He tested me for RA and some other diseases. My results came back as RA. He sent a referral and then I had to wait a month to see a rheumatologist. Once I got into see one, we clicked and I felt comfortable talking with him.

Labs, flares, and a treatment plan

Then the lab work came, and it was quite often and I felt like I spent a majority of my time at the rheumatologists office. He put me on a med along with prednisone. I have had a few flare ups due to the weather. I really wished people would understand what RA is, but they don't. Everyday we endure pain of some kind. My last flare was inflammation of my ribs. Very painful, and it felt like my ribs were bruised.

Our experiences with RA matter

I hope people will read these stories and understand what people go through. I work 40hrs a week, and on my feet. I am tired by the time I get off. My life has changed, and now it's nights of epsom salts and RA meds, and OTC pain patches.

Please listen to your friends and care about those of us dealing with chronic pain. Get educated on RA, and don't say "I have a little arthritis" because you have no clue what we deal with on a day to day basis.

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