RA and Me...

My story started officially January 2019 but had been going on for many years. I had been having terrible hand pain on and off during my time as a dental nurse - which I put down to the nature of the job. As time went on I thought it could be carpal tunnel so went to my GP who referred me the hospital for tests. The test was negative for carpal tunnel which instantly threw me as I was convinced this was the issue.

Weeks went by before I was officially diagnosed

As the weeks went by I started to develop horrific pains in my arms, knees, hips and feet to the point I was hysterical trying to get out of bed which prompted me to go back to my GP. The GP I seen this particular day was so understanding and immediately asked me if I had a family history of RA and sent me for bloods. Three days later I had a call saying I was being referred to a rheumatologist who did confirm (after waiting 5 weeks for an appointment) I did have rheumatoid arthritis. The 5 weeks in between waiting for my appointment the pain was unbearable, which ended in several trips to my doctors surgery and numerous painkillers which did nothing.

The medication I use to treat my RA

In the end I gave in and had a course of Prednisolone (steroids) which actually gave me great relief. So now I take hydroxychlorquine, methotrexate, folic acid & omeprazole which does help enormously but the pain in my hands never fully goes.

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