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I started having issues that were excruciating for a while in my shoulder, but when going to the hospital they told me that I had a frozen shoulder and gave me prednisone and sent me home.

In a couple of days the issue was gone. Then I ended up in a flare so bad I couldn’t handle it anymore went to the doctor and he was like "everything was fine" but then he wanted to check for gout and rheumatoid arthritis because there was no other explanation.

New RA diagnosis

I just turned 40 and my life changed in ways I never thought! I have been on so many different medications that have not worked. From pills like methotrexate to Embrel and Humira to infusions, nothing has helped.

Since being diagnosed with RA I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with spinal stenosis in my neck which is serious enough for surgery on top of carpal tunnel in both hands which also needs surgery.

Most days are hard to function because of everything. I had to stop working and file for disability. That decision was so hard to make.

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Leaning on faith and family

Thank God I have a great husband who supports me and my health issues. He doesn’t have it easy because of me but I am lucky he loves me.

And the only thing that gets me through is my faith in the Lord! God gets me through every day. Especially on my worst days listening to my Christian music reminds me that I’m not going through this alone and that life is only temporary.

I am not angry or blame God for what I’m going through.

I am strong and I have a purpose in this life that’s what keeps me going because if I let these conditions over take me who knows where I would be. Even in my pain there is purpose so I will not give up!

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