Difficulty with walking

Having a lot of difficulty with pain and movement. Was dx with RA 3 yrs ago. I’m 68 they said I had probably had it for awhile. I worked as a nurse until end of last year when had to retire due to problems was having from the disease. I’ve have been on several medications and either had a reaction to them or continued to stay in active flare up. I am now currently on Imuran but think it causing rapid increase in cholesterol. Also have developed a DVT which having to be on Eliquis for The Drs don’t seem to know what caused me to develop blood clot. Had no symptoms except for pain in leg so going to be seeing hematologist. Would like to know if anyone can help me with info about feet? In a lot of pain with walking. Had a bunionectomy several years ago on Rt foot but after a fall about 1 yr ago big toe is curving over other toes and have a floppy second toe. Have seen two different drs they say that joint is eroded and only thing can be done is to take out joint and that would leave me with another floppy big toe which I don’t want. But getting to where can’t walk for pain and can’t wear any shoes except flip flops. Any suggestions would be helpful thank you.

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