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I've been a nurse for 16 years & even though I was only diagnosed with RA 2yrs ago. I suffer from OA & have RSDS in my entire Lower Right side from hip to toes & just a little over a year ago 4 titanium screws and plate were put in my neck because of repetitive whiplash starting when I was a child.

I've never once compared my level of pain to another person or thought if I could push through the pain so could they, especially if they were younger than I. I'm so appalled at the lack of empathy those in my profession have towards their patients that suffer from daily pain or when you're referred to a new specialist and they view your list of medications for the 1st time Or how one is viewed when you suffer from so much pain the medicine person needs to ease suffering or so a person is able to function with daily life so they are not bedridden because doing simple daily tasks that we take for granted cause the most excruciating pain. If I have to hear One more doctor or nurse tell me to basically Suck it up,....I'm going to slap someone.

Even just people in general. EVERY PERSON feels the PAIN FROM RA differently or Just PAIN IN GENERAL. EVERY PERSON'S COPING MECHANISM is DIFFERENT. I've finally reached the point where I tell those in Healthcare after you've walked a mile in my shoes, then we'll discuss how to Cope with The Daily Challenges of living with RA. I think though that doesn't break my heart as much as when loved ones are not standing & supportive. I had a former boyfriend of 5 yrs whom I was with when I was diagnosed with RA, it will be a long time before I forget him saying "My body aches every morning, I get up and do all I need to everyday". My response, " I Pray for the mornings when I wake and I only ache". I Pray with time People will become more.

Compassionate to those of US that live with RA. I do believe however it is going to be up to "US" to Educate the Ignorant and to point them towards material that Explains what it's !ike to suffer and live with RA....♥

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