Do I really have RA?

I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago, Seronegative RA. I was put on Plaquenil. I'm not sure it does anything for me but hard to tell. I don't have much swelling. Mostly pain and stiffness, phantom fevers, flu like symptoms particularly if I am under stress or working too hard. I get weird feelings of bronchial irritation, sinus swelling, headaches daily from a royally messed up neck. My feet feel like I'm walking on gravel barefoot, my hands are always painful and I am exhausted. But.... every test says normal. Only once had elevated SED rate. How do we really know if we have it. I have creepy nerve sensations on my face and crazy legs at night. Insomnia too. I wish I had proof so I would quit wondering if it is something else. Anyone else have same experiences?

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