Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment

I have another doctors appointment today, but today it’s with a new rheumatologist. The anxiety of having to explain it all in 20 minutes or less gets me to the point where I have to prepare the night before.

How can anyone of us explain in our own words how we feel or what our symptoms are in just a few minutes. (I can barely remember anything unless it’s happening right then anyway)

I hope this doctor's appointment is different

Hoping they’ll be different from the last doctor in both bedside manner and assumed logic, not factual evidence.

I’ve taken pictures of everything. Every show-able symptom I’m snapping pictures for proof. No other doctor will ever tell me I’m lying again.

This is what our medical system as become.. you have to cover yourself so you didn’t just waste that copay.
I begin to spiral thinking all of this all over again just to see a NEW doctor!

I just have to get through it right?!

Managing hopeful expectations with doctors

I have a tendency to put too much hope into an appointment so most of the time I leave disappointed. I put too much pressure on that doctor to have the magic answers. As if anything is that easy, I still hope. I’ve hoped over 50 times with a “new” specialist and today will be no different...

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