Doctor Struggle

So I am in a rural area where access to a Rheumatologist is limited (he is 1 of 2 and the only one with a 3-star rating). My husband is in the military so we are here for at least 3 years. During my visit with this doctor, and before he ran any test he looked at me and stated he wasn't sure I had RA, because I did not look swollen. He made this statement after quickly reviewing the documentation from my other RA Dr. and after I explained how I was feeling. I needed to see this Dr., because I needed a refill on my biologics. On my second visit he conceded to run test and sure enough my blood work came back positive for RA. I am now without my meds for 3 months, popping Aleve like candy, and trying every homeopathic way possible to reduce pain and swelling (that's another topic of discussion), and once again I have to hear from this Dr. that you don't look swollen. After I firmly pushed he finally gave in and submitted my prescription for my biologic, but I am sad and dishearten that he does not care about my care. This Dr. won't do his due diligence to attend to my care properly and I am stuck, because the next closest Dr. is hours away.

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