Doctors who are dismissive about Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with RA very late in life. I was always told I had osteoarthritis. My primary Doctor ordered a blood test to see if I had RA and the test came back positive.

I started treatment about 3 years ago. Treatment started with prednisone and shots which gave little relief.

Started with a new doctor and had several rounds of different pills and weekly shots of methotrexate.

I am now on rituxan and methotrexate shots. I feel somewhat better.

I have other Doctors I see besides my primary care and rheumatologist. Ob-gyn Opthomologist, ear nose and throat Doctors. They always ask why I am taking methotrexate. I always say for RA treatment. They always dismiss this and call it arthritis as if RA doesn't exist.
Is this the norm? I don't know what to think or say to them.

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