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Why doesn’t my family understand I’m tired and in pain most of the time?

I guess my family will never “get it.” I can’t walk through the amusement parks, beaches & other fun places like I used to. I need a nap & sleep longer than usual. I never realized how good my life was until I got RA 6 yrs ago. I’m retired now because of it & wish I knew others in my hometown that have RA.

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  • roxanne
    4 years ago

    My partner doesn’t understand it hurts me to think he’ll leave me cause I’m sick with RA he says I’m overdoing it bout my feelings of being left and ending up crippled my one leg is already deforming which I never knew I think he doesn’t understand I don’t want to give up on fighting this disease by staying active I just found out this past week

  • Darla
    4 years ago

    You are not alone. Many of us must make our family and friends understand our new limitations. It is a new journey. We must teach them. God bless.

  • Shadow
    4 years ago

    I feel the same way. You wish your family understood but they don’t . Like last week my daughter , husband , and my granddaughter went to the zoo I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk it and the sun is to much. I know I shouldn’t be this way but my daughter really didn’t even ask if I wanted to go. ( I know I couldn’t but it feels like there just forgetting about me ) I shouldn’t feel that way , so I just stayed in the hotel four five hours ( my daughter lives four hours away) I wish I had my life back ten years ago. I’m just 53. I know poor old me

  • Mariah Z. Leach moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi Linda~

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story and concerns. It can be really difficult for others without RA to understand what you are going through – that is why we are here to support you! If you are interested in meeting others with RA in person you may want to reach out to your local Arthritis Foundation chapter to see if they have any events/groups you could attend. Best of luck to you!

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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