Don't Like The Term "Disabled"

Having had to leave my job of nearly 25 years because of my RA, I am still struggling emotionally with it all over 2 years later.
For me, it was quite an emotional punch in the stomach to have to stop working. I had pushed through pain, fatigue and countless surgeries for years, all the while keeping up with what my job required. Finally in early 2012, I could feel myself struggling more and more to stay productive and satisfy what I needed to do. So hubby and I made the decision that I should retire.
I never would have thought that I would retire at 57! Unless I had won the lottery or something awesome like that. But this is the path that has been chosen for me.
So here I am today, still dealing daily with what my purpose is now. I have no connection with how having a job defines you which for me turned out to be bigger than I thought. I no longer share that "Oh no tomorrow is Monday" thing anymore.
I am making my way through this new life searching for a new normal. Don't get me wrong. I do lot's of things with my days. I volunteer, care for my elderly folks, craft and enjoy taking care of life for my hubby and myself. I am an avid seaglunker and won't miss any opportunity to go to the ocean! That is where I can always center myself and find peace.
Through all of this, I have now been labeled "disabled." I absolutely despise that word! Not just for myself but for anyone who has been given that label. None of us who are differently abled would have chosen this for ourselves I am absolutely sure! So why put such a stigma on this? Why can't those of us with physical or mental issues just be called people? People who live our lives differently. There is no need to remind us about what we deal with by labelling it disabled! We are still loving, caring, productive individuals who want the same things in life as everyone does.

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