I Don't Have TIME for all This Pain BS!

I'm a 48 yr old divorced mom living my so called life in NJ. I have 2 adult kids who still live with me. I'm paid caretaker to my 20 yr old daughter who was born 3mos early & also has a craniofacial anomaly. She's undergone 19 reconstructive surgeries thus far. Thank God I found out I could finally get paid to take care of her! My son (24) has battled addiction since he's 15 in & out of rehabs & even overdosed in his room next to mine! Thank God for mother's intuition. I won't go into details but I busted his locked door down & called 911, did my version of CPR (not trained) & he is still with me today unscathed. Me however... I'll never be the same. As for RH...My knees started crunching back in my late teens. I thought it was funny making people cringe when I'd go up & down stairs. At 20 I finally had orthroscopic surgery to clean it all out. That sucked. I didn't like pain...at least not THAT much lol. I refused to get the the other one done. My Dr. told me I'd have lots of arthritis by the time I was 40 as it runs rampid in my family, but at 20 it went in one ear & out the other. Fast foward 20 yrs, 2 kids, & 1 divorce later I thought I had carpal tunnel, my hands, thumbs, & wrists were hurting. I had a cleaning business...so it only made sense. Well it was arthritis. So being too scared for shots I donned a pair of rigid thumb braces & lots of Aleve, and got away with another 6 or 7 yrs till the pains spread & got so out of control. I bit the bullet & went to pain management. Lots of blood work never showed anything. Injections, ablations & pain meds were & still are my only saving grace. As I've STATED I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS. My pain Dr. was convinced I had RA no matter what the blood work said. He sent me to a Reum. Dr. who finally put me on a weekly dose of Methotrexate & folic acid. I just took my 4th dose and don't ya know last week my new blood work showed RH positive, AND hypothyroid! (Both my kids are hypothyroid & are on synthroid, but their father isn't) So that's it in a big nut shell. I guess I too will be on synthroid. My pain is still off the charts ...mtx hasn't done anything but not agree with my intestines. My daughter can't drive & has anywhere from 3-5 medical appts per week. I'm beat. And before ya ask. No. Their father doesn't lift a finger to help and I don't have anyone to help me out besides my 78 yr old dad who can barely walk due to.... you guessed it ARTHRITIS in his knees!

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