I am 76 yrs old. I had fusion of C1 to T1, then T 10 to L5 with titanium bars screwed to each vertebrae on each side of my spinal cord. The three surgeries happened between 2008 and 2011 with a neck collar twice and a body cast. In 2012 I discovered I have a wonderful rheumatologist. I am on Remicade, Methatrexate, and Leucovor. I'm not a couch potato, exercise my legs with a J C Penny Easy Cycle at low speed 1064 steps & only friends know that I have RA. My mother's aunt had RA. I had Osteo before my surgeries and watch my diet and did everything my Drs told me to do. Yes I have pain but it doesn't control my life. My husband puts a cold pack on my spine which isn't fused before I go to bed.

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