My elbow bursitis is making my rheumatoid arthritis worse

I am a young 21 year old trying to get through college but having such a hard time foucusing with my RA. Around 2 months ago I went to go see the rheumatologist about my elbow pain, she gave me a higher dose prednisone plus some methotrexate though my elbow is still pretty big. After a month with a swollen elbow, my hands started to hurt a lot to, especially in the morning and now I can barely close them. I went to go see the the rheumatologist again though she just gave more prednisone after showing her my elbow is still swollen. I really want be able to straighten my elbow but I can't. All I really want is the help to get my elbow bursitis treated though I don't know where to go. I don't want end up failing my classes because of my RA.

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