Is Enbrel The Solution?

Hi everyone, I joined very recently. I hope to have some useful exchange of knowledge and experience with you as a RA patient.

I am 61 years of age. I was diagnosed with RA in 2013, or more specifically with Spondyloarthritis. It affects me mainly on my neck, muscle in between my shoulder blade, lower back, rib cage on the left side and sacrolitis on the left side. I have been suffering from pain and stiffness when the disease is active.

I had been on dicflofenac, predisolone and paracetamol. Currently, on arcoxia 90mg. Though on arcoxia, my ESR and CRP are elevated. I need to take an arcoxia tablet once in every 3 to 5 days to control my pain and stiffness. My rheumatologist recommended me to go for Enbrel to control my disease as arcoxia does not seem to resolve my problem as I have been on it for a year already. I am very worried about the potential side effects of Enbrel. Can anyone share her or his experience with me? Any sharing would be much appreciated.

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