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End stage RA?

Living with RA for 30 years, trying all NSAIDS and DMARDS with little success and many deformities, surgery, sepsis I have been referred to as having end stage RA. Has anyone been told this and how are you coping and what do I expect? I am scared and wondering if there is a time frame. I am relying on things to manage pain and comfort like heat, rest, pain meds and patches.

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  • Andrew Lumpe, PhD moderator
    5 years ago

    You’ve been dealing with this nasty disease for so long. Some refer to stages of disease progression although not everyone follows the same process. My rheumatologist once told me that at end stage, the disease processes actually slow down and “burns out”. So this could actually be a much different meaning than with terminal diseases like cancer. This could be a good thing. You can read more about stages in this article –

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