Exercises and Shoulders

I hope 3rd times a charm;

As some of you have read, I started on gentle arm/shoulder exercises a while back, but ended up with shoulder pain which radiated down my arms some. I had an appointment with my Rheumatologist at the end of April. I told them about my shoulders and they sent me for x-rays, there was some mention of ultrasound but so far no requisition for this but I received one for x-rays.

Getting my results

I was to follow up with my GP. I was able to get an appointment with the GP the next week (for injections in my left knee/hip), so I went and had my x-ray before going to this appt. While there I told him about my shoulders and that I had an x-ray done that day and asked if he could let me know the results.

The next week I received a message from him with the results: "mild degenerative changes of the glenohumeral joints. No acute fractures or malalignment. Osteopenia is present. On the right, there is a suspected intraarticular loose body within the glenohumeral interval/subscapular recess measuring 6 mm." After I received this report I called my GP's office and arranged an appointment for cortisone injections in my shoulders, which I got for that week.

New symptoms

Now, I don't believe I mentioned about my left arm. Within 4 weeks after receiving my flu vaccine in mid-November, my arm had increased in diameter by close to 1 inch. My GP checked it out previously and said it was just fat tissue. I didn't believe that, but he is supposed to be the learned, knowledgeable doctor so who am I to say differently?

Now I mention this because when I had my shoulder injections on the left side when he started injecting the cortisone/freezing, I had a shooting jolt go right down my whole arm. I spoke up with a loud "OHH, that went right down my whole arm." I felt that to a minor extent for a few hours. When he did the right arm, there was no shooting or jolt of pain. To me that says there could be something going on there and my thought is fluid retention. I also have it in my lower arm and some in my legs and knees.

A new medication

I made another appointment regarding this fluid retention. He looked at my lower arm which was puckering in when pressed on and said "Oh, it looks fine." I said, "No, when it puckers there is fluid retention, and I don't want to blow up like I was." So, I got a very mild diuretic and have noticed a bit of a difference so far. By the way, I have never used a diuretic before, so my large weight loss was amongst other things.

Anyway, that is my recent update on my saga of life with RA, Fibro, Thyroid, plus, plus.
Blessings and Prayers

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