Extreme PAIN

Hopefully one day SOON I will find out why my body hurts me so badly!

Pain all over

I have had three RA tests and no inflammatory markers have been found! It seems my pain is in my muscles, joints, and head/scalp.

I’ve had several CT scans and a bone scan within the past year. Having fallen a few times, my muscles, tendons, ligaments and I believe nerves were damaged throughout my body from pulling myself up.

Many painful symptoms - but why?

I have piriformis syndrome and sciatica in my buttock and down both legs. My L3-4 is herniated. I now walk on a walker and a cane!

Both knees are almost impossible to stand or walk on. I am currently seeing various specialists for diagnosis: rheumatologist, orthopedist, urologist, and infectious diseases.

Comorbidities complicates diagnosis

I am 79 and was diagnosed years ago with osteoarthritis. Five years ago I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis as well as Parkinson's, (for which I take no meds).

I believe something is not being addressed.

The thing that helps a lot, besides 1 Hydrocodone 4xda and 1 Methacarbonol 4xda., is ice! Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated!

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