Looking For Attention

My family and my daughter’s in-laws felt I was lazy and looking for attention. That I was looking for others to take care of me and my responsibilities.

That my pain was all in my head. My bloodwork came back negative for RA with my PC but the PA was concerned and had the nephrologist send me for a renal scan.

Thankfully that was fine bc my blood panel looked like I had advanced stage 3 CKD. Nephrologist sent me to a rheumatologist and she did a panel that was above and beyond. Still negative. She sent me for X-rays of hands, wrists, ankles & feet.

The X-ray showed bone on bone in the right ankle. Spurring in heels and a bone lesion on the left foot.

She then sent me for an MRI. Well, guess what? Inflammation, swelling & deterioration in the joints.

What triggered my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?

I had no symptoms of RA until after radiation when I was hit by a large vehicle while sitting at a stop sign.

I started having severe pain 14 days after impact but no one believed me. I started seeing a chiropractor.

Things got worse. I saw surgeons. Some said I needed spinal fusion and some said I didn’t. This was the twilight zone. 2 years of continued and progressing pain and finally it’s RA.

Could the impact have triggered the RA?

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