History of RA

My father had RA his whole life. I remember seeing him soaking his arms and feet in hot and cold water. That was the therapy in the late 50s and 60s. And also gold shots. He suffered in silence, but lots of things other families did, we didn’t do.

A family history of RA

Later on, when my sister was a sophomore in High School, she was diagnosed. I remember seeing my father cry. She later married and had 4 kids. The last two were twins and not planned. I remember my Dad said, “She should have only 2.” Because he knew how hard it would be to have 4 kids under age 5. My sister was a good mother and tried to do what activities all the other mothers did with their kids. She died young because of RA and all the hardships she had thru the years.

When I turned 40 I was diagnosed with RA

I was determined to do what the doctors told me to do and I did. I also exercised thru the pain and kept active. I’m maintaining and doing fine.

Now my niece is planning to marry a nice man who has RA. Do I tell her what to expect with a partner with RA? Do I say anything? Maybe it won’t be the same for him. I think everyone should know what can or cannot happen with RA.

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