Need Help Can't Get Into a Rheumatologist for 6 months At Earliest

Last updated: May 2022

I have secondary adrenal insufficiency but the steroids are causing narcolepsy and lymphoma and I can't work - trying to figure out something.

Gene trait test

They did a gene trait test and said I probably should have multiple autoimmune conditions - I think ms or lupus.

Sending me to the neurologist at least go in there in June for trigeminal neuralgia which is the assumption of the extreme facial pain where I can't sleep or eat when whenever there are symptoms. But the lymphodema is staying from my shoulder up and causing throat pain and swelling but not my thyroid.

Brainstorm for work with chronic condition

Any idea what I can do to work the few hours a week I can actually do something? I'm selling plants right now but that's about over and had but like a reputable work at home can make my own hours any ideas be much appreciated.

Also, any ideas to help lymphatic flow until I can get a lymphatic pump, supposedly the only thing that will help.

Open to any idea thanks for letting me in the group!

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