Frank and Stephanie

Blown away! Living relatively a normal life until June 16 2015, husband 70, wife 65, we did our best to stay in shape and eat right walk and exercise. We had to go to the ER for Rabies vaccine, a four shot series until the 26th of June. Both my wife and I experienced side effects at two...three weeks after the shots. My wife went into full blown RA in her hands, arms, neck frozen shoulders, knees, ankles ect. We only have a nurse practitioner who called for tests and prescribed predesone and dicolfenac for my wife. It has helped but she has frozen shoulder every night from 2 am till 8am then hot showers and get moving. My pain has deminished to managable with heat advil message. We have to wait for several months to see a Rheumy. We are beside ourselves, thank you people for sharing.

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