Free from RA's pain

I'm 44 yrs. On April'15, I got pain on my knees and diagnosed o/a (x ray test). Dr didn't give any pills. He just advised me to have swimming & riding a bike. I was too busy cause me & husband had to treat his brother who got cancer (since April'15). June he died. We were exhausted. Early August, in the morning I wake up with pain on my whole body. My fingers got bigger, can't walk cuz pain in knees.

I go to rheumatologist.

I had some test blood & urine. The result was good except positive for rheumatoid factor and ANA test got 78 (normal 60). Dr said I had R.A. I consume prednisolon, metotreksat, calcium, folat acid, meloxicam and got shot on my knees.

I was suffering in pain, frustrated, exhausted. I have 2 sons, 19 yrs & 16 yrs plus little girl 7 yrs.

Then I had bed rest.

I drink milk without sugar, drink much water, drink herbal, tried to manage my stress. See my friends laughing. I leave my job as insurance agent.

On 5th Sept, I woke up with no pain. I'm very thankful.

Eat much & drink much. Eat more vegetables/fruits.

Hope I don't get pain again.

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