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In the early 2000's, I was feeling fatigued and generally out of sorts. I was repeatedly told to quit smoking, that smoking was the culprit. In 2003 I decided to take the plunge and I quit. But during the following months, my fatigue was frequently accompanied by pain. I was sent to a number of doctors, and was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and Fibromyalgia, though I did not have any of the identifying markers for the latter disease. The only course of treatment was antidepressants which didn't do much for me, except mess with my head. I switched doctors in 2004, on my second visit, which was for foot pain, she pulled in a rheumatologist to take a look at me. That was the visit that changed my life. Tests later confirmed what both doctors diagnosed, I had rheumatoid arthritis. Though I still have bouts of pain and fatigue, my daily life has improved with the use of biologics and other medications.

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