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Nurse with RA

My name is Kathy and I was diagnosed with RA one year ago. I noticed my joints hurting more and the fatigue has been great. I am a nurse and work on my feet 8 hrs a day 5 days a week and it is really wearing on me. I have all I can do to get through the hours before I come home and crash in my recliner. I have been on a few meds that have failed — Plaquenil, methotrexate, sulfonamide and now am on Enbrel injections. It has been life changing as you all know and I fight depression a lot. I am in constant pain that jumps around from day to day. The two major places that hurt the most is my right knee and right hip and top of my left foot. Because of the hours I am on my feet, I have started to wear copper socks, a copper knee soft brace and soft ankle braces. I am learning to not do so much in one day because when I do, I pay the price with more pain and fatigue. I would so appreciate it if anyone can give me some management tips!

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  • Mariah Z. Leach moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi Kathy~
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story. I can’t imagine having to be on my feet all day – that must be really difficult for you. Please keep in mind that if you have been diagnosed with RA (a disability) your employer is required to make accommodations to help support you at work. Seeing as you work in healthcare I would hope that they would be accommodating and understanding! Perhaps a stool or some work every day (paperwork?) where you could be off your feet. It might be worth talking to your employer about your rights. Best of luck to you!
    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

  • Monica
    4 years ago

    Hi Kathy,
    As a nurse I completely relate to your story. People and fellow nurses don’t understand how we are affected by this. I take a hot bath when I get home with Epsom salt to help as well as taking 1 day a week as a “down day” meaning I rest and pamper myself and my joints. Planning ahead to rest and family support is a big key! Best Wishes

  • Kathy Haynes author
    4 years ago

    Thanks Monica for your reply! It is comforting to know I am not alone. The pain has been increasing as of late and I am learning to take it slow and take those days to rest and be good to myself! Hope you are doing well 🙂

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