Germs and RA

It is definitely the time of year that we pull out the gloves, hat and coats. When I go into public places such as stores, post office, banks. I see more and more people sneezing and having their box of tissue handy. More people are using hand sanitizer. I even have the sniffles. When you have RA, the last thing you want to deal with is germs. These germs that are airborne are a recipe for disaster. I want to tell those that refuse to cover their mouth, to please do so.
The last thing I need is to get more sick when it can be prevented. Wash your hands, germs are on door knobs, money and all that we touch. Let’s be mindful in this season of more germs that they easily spread. My desire is to be in great health this winter. I know first hand, dealing with RA and a real bad cold at the same time is miserable. I’ve had times when I couldn't sleep. My noise was stopped up and a lot of congestion. I was in bed for days. I noticed I was not able to get rid of the cold as quick as I could before I had RA. So let's not spread germs, because for some illnesses such as RA, it makes for a miserable mix. I know from experience it is not a quick bounce back. It took me about 3 weeks to recover from a very bad cold.

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