Getting humble and gadgets...

I used to make fun of gadgets.

You know, the 'every kitchen, bathroom, bedroom needs this, makes a great gift, the current trend of wedding gifts, two for one price' get the idea. I equated it as a lazy person's version of never picking up a knife to see what it was actually used for in preparing a meal, stirring your coffee with a spoon instead of a self-stirring mug (yes, there is such a thing) that uses a AAA battery and you push the button or the can opener that pushes into the can and lets it open by a AA battery.

Well, here comes the dx'd of RA.
And who quit making jokes?

I spoke with a nurse of my Rhuemy Doc about this one year. I griped about when my hands start puffing out like miniatures sausages and even when I grab a convenience dinner to pop in the microwave it's hard and painful to open. She smiled and told me that one patient she knew still kept a paper cutter from her years teaching school propped on her kitchen counter where she positioned the package and whacks it down like a guillotine. Then she dumps the content on a paper plate in her microwave and voilà! A meal.

'You have to find a gadget that works for you' she ended the conversation.

Enter my humility.

Oh, I have experimented and found those that work, when the pain dominates my desire for a halfway decent meal. Or to put my shoes on without holding my breath with the urge to scream. Or to put on a tee shirt without pretending to be shot from a cannon.
And I have a nice set of these gadgets that makes the life easier.
And a seemingly large cache of batteries.

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