The good day

I had a good day a few days ago. I woke up with the usual swelling but minimal pain and stiffness in my hands, wrists, feet and left shoulder. I was ecstatic! Thrilled! I could see remission on the horizon!
That was what I thought, anyway.
So me in my blissful lack of pain did the stupidest thing. Several stupid things, actually. I scrubbed the dishes. Cleaned out my closet. Mopped all the floors in the house and rearranged the contents of my bookshelf. I felt great!
Until I woke up the next morning. I opened my eyes, went to move out of bed and it was like little atomic bombs going off in each of my joints.
Hello, pain!
I'm still recovering from my undeniable stupidity, but I also learned a valuable lesion - NEVER SCRUB YOUR DISHES! (Ha ha!)
Also, 1 good day isn't proof that you're cured. It's exactly what it is - a good day. I'm still learning my limits through trial and error, but next time I'll wait longer before attempting the heavy jobs. Maybe two days...or two weeks. We'll see.

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