Greg's Story of 23 years

Hello - new to the group. I was diagnosed with RA in 1995 when on a very stressful I.T. project at work. Started in my toes, feet and fingers. Was told had 5 years before I would be in a wheelchair which worried me.

I was very active person cycling, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing. Started on Methotrexate early and been on that since the start 20mg once a week plus Plaquenil, Feldene, Folic acid. Luckily all worked pretty well apart from some minor flares. Had one operation on my right wrist to clean it out about 8 years ago. Since then it's been very good but about 2 months ago it has flared in my left hand and wrist.

I'm now wearing a support and Dr increased Metho to 25mg and an extra Plaquenil a day. So far no improvement. I have had to stop my activities especially windsurfing and cycling which I did very regularly. I realised that I had just had a overseas holiday where my wife was very sick and I ended up with bronchitis plus a few other issues while travelling. I think this stressful holiday started my RA off again?? I'm currently a bit miserable due to that. I haven't found anything that really eases the pain, tried hot, cold, various rubs, pain tablets, etc. Night times are the worst. I sympathise with all you RA sufferers, I have been very lucky to date.

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