Handling Stress

A month ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Then on March 9, 2015 he had a heart attack which they had to put three stents in and unblock a blood clot in one of his other stents that had previously been put in. So for a week I was driving back and forth to the hospital. By Saturday I was completely wore out to where I had a nightmare that someone that I know was stabbing me to death. Every joint and bone in my body hurt so bad it was like none of my meds were working. I didn't even go to Church on Sunday. I very seldom miss Church. Now my dad has his port in and had one treatment of Chemo and two treatments of radiation. So far he is handling this very well, but I know as he goes on it will get worse for him. I pray it doesn't. I'm an only child with RA and other conditions. So I have broke down and asked for help from a couple of people. Because I realized after dad was in the hospital for a week that I could not drive everyday and go without putting my health in jeopardy. It's rough when you have RA and also have to be a caregiver to someone else. I will get through this one day at a time.

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