I said it. You're not supposed to but I said it.

I am 40 years old, married for 15 years and have 4 kids at home. Three years ago the pain was so bad I went to the doctor. My right arm felt like it was broken and there was no relief in sight. For the first year the docs thought it was fibromyalgia. The pain didn't let up so I had an MRI and it was RA. The flu feeling is the truest way to say the pain is there. But sometimes it's like a 18 wheeler hit me not the flu.

I am blessed with an amazing husband. Rockstar children and supportive friends. My advice to everyone is make small goals for the day. It helps me with the depression and working through the pain. Read as much as you can because education is key.

The most challenging part is when others give their opinion on my disease. I hear it all. "You're too young for this", "the medication is harmful", etc. I always smile but in my head I am thinking OMG here we go.

Rest and push forward. SCREAM I HATE RA and then fight.

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