Hate RA and OA

Hi all! My name is Caroline and I'm 41 post menopause for 8 years. Since going thru menopause, I've developed RA and OA as well as an under active thyroid plus I live on my own. I noticed problems about 6 months post op. Fatigue was an issue. My hands, back and knees, well everywhere, hurt so it was a trip to the doctors. Blood tests were done. Had to go for mri scans, cat scan, and to my doctor, who I've known for 20+ yrs. Well you have an under active thyroid RA and OA so I asked so what's the good news lol. As the years have gone on, the pain has got worse. I have to walk with crutches. I can't stand for too long so cooking is becoming a major issue. Food shopping, I have to do online as I can't walk to the shops and get shopping home. The government in their wisdom decided I didn't need my mobility car as I could walk 20 metres with crutches. Which was the distance between my house and where my car used to park. My hands and toes are starting to bend to one side. I've got nodules appearing on my toes, especially the big toe. I'm pretty much house bound. I struggle to do the simplest of task. I don't sleep to good at night so I'm tired during the day even if I don't have chores to do. People say it's only arthritis it can't be that bad. If only they knew.

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