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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I would like to write a note of HOPE to everyone else who lives with this horrible disease day in and out. I was young when I developed this awful disease. I was like a lot of you stuck in the cycle of grief. I had all the emotions involved, anger, hurt, denial. I have had my career as a Nurse stopped right in its tracks . My dreams put on hold. But once I came to accept my disease process I realized that healing DOES come! Healing comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Sometimes we are healed by Divine Intervention. Sometimes our healing comes in the form of medication, sometimes it comes in the form of finding the right Dr. who can give you the right diagnosis and/or the right treatment. Sometimes it comes in the form of our husbands or wives who come home and say "honey, I've got this, you go to bed, put your feet up, and I will take care of the kids". Sometimes it comes from a friend who stops by unexpectedly, and says, "give me the kids for a few hours, go take a long hot bath and after you're done dinner will be on the table." Sometimes it comes in the form of listening to worship music and prayer which can help us get thru that minute, that hour, that day. And sometimes it comes in the form while get that 6hr. infusion by watching videos of the HOMEFREE vocal band doing songs like "all about that bass", and their new "BUTTS" video, which makes you are laugh so hard that you forget that your are in pain because you are enjoying yourself so much!(of which I am going to see them Live when they come to Dallas, Texas in May)! My point is that that healing is there for the taking. Find what brings you your healing and cling to that and before you know it anger is replaced with joy, hurt is replaced with happiness, and denial is long gone! And you realize I CAN DO THIS! And folks, if you are still not well after being with the same Dr. then PLEASE go get a 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th opinion until you find the right Dr. who can give you the right diagnosis and the right treatment:)Bianca Cox

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