RA and Other Health Challenges


I also deal with fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease among other diagnoses in my spine.

RA comorbidities creates symptom confusion

I feel like I have a "stew pot" of pain, unable to determine where one starts and stops and when they are all stirred together.

I've had many joint replacements, broken my leg/ankle, and two carpal tunnel surgeries which add to the stew pot of pain.

I'm wondering how other people here deal with the pain and limitations of multiple medical challenges.

Rheumatoid arthritis, surgery, and scars

I have many surgical scars on my legs. I walk with a pronounced limp after breaking my leg. I am somewhat self-conscious about that also.

I try to keep in mind what my niece said to me about physical scars. As she was once a U.S. gymnast and has 9 very visible scars on her knees from multiple surgeries.

She told me not to stress about the scars, they each have a story to tell. So if someone asks you about your scars, tell them your story.

How do you deal with RA and other painful challenges?

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