Health went to Hell in 2005

I don't want to go on with the detailed since 2005.
Just to note, not until 2015 did a doctor finally order the RA Factor blood test.
I was prompted to register so that I could chime in on the U S Government taking control over our Health (have a hard time calling it Care).
Angela had blogged about her time (in pain) having to travel back & forth from doctor to pharmacy , then back & forth again (the pharmacy said prescription was written wrong) finally breaking into tears waiting for the prescription.
Some commented that she is a opaite addicted. I say someone needs to be educated on the difference between dependency & addiction.
But that isn't the reason I joined this blog.
I had been on one type of pain medication or another for the past 10 years.
Since 2013, up to 4 Norco a day. After moving from one state to another, I was able to have a family member pick-up, fill then mail my pain medication. Well the 2nd month is was Lost? (probably stollen)&I was afraid to report it. That is what the Government has done for the thug to get the drug.

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