RA affecting the heart

I've been diagnosed with RA for 6yrs now . While it at first slowly progressed , it suddenly progressed fast. Even my RA doc shocked how it progressed.

Heart issues with RA

Not only most days I can't even make a fist, it has affected my liver , kidneys, lungs (pleurisy horrible pain) and now it just now affecting my heart. I ended up at the ER with my blood pressure 200/110. I was admitted. Course they accused me of doing drugs like usual. But once I took a drug test for them . They was then trying to find the problem. Course the only thing they think was the RA inflame my chest and heart .. I am scheduled to go to a cardiologist but that's in July! I have never had high BP unless I'm in very bad pain. I'm wanting to know if anyone else has this problems

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