Hip and Gammaglobulin Updates

As you remember, I had a total hip replacement on Jan. 12th. Two and a half weeks later, I started physio. Things were going great then, on March 15th, a new therapist took over for my regular one was away on vacation.

Hip issues

Well, after being complimented on how I was doing an exercise called the clam, I finished it and transitioned into a new exercise.

Leg raise, so in the basic tucked position, except leg (operated one) stretched out and I have to raise this leg up straight so far and back down.

I was just finishing my 3rd raise, the therapist's hands and arms on my hips as she spoke, telling me no, not right.

She twisted me, then I could barely raise my leg an inch if that.

I finished with the last of my standup expenses, then left and was in pain.

This pain just got worse and worse. I was trying to get some chores done. I decided to go to a department store that has a power cart for customers. I have used them many times.

I/we finished there, (I had my friend with me) and was in so much pain so we grabbed a quick dinner then home.

Pain management with RA

I had to start taking 2 extra strength Tylenol 4x per day and also Celebrex 2x per day.

I called the physio department the next morning and reported this.

I continued with my exercises except that one and did them the best I could.

I know it helps the damaged muscles also to be gradually worked. I didn't expect it to last so long.

How things are now

It has now been over 3 weeks since this happened.

Yes, things are better, but I am not at the place I was in when I was injured.

I did go see my GP, and he sent me for x-rays and sent a note to my surgeon. I go see him, my surgeon next week on the 14th.

At the beginning, it felt like things were out of place, but now I am not sure if that is the case.

I think it is/was the muscles stretched and trying to snap back into place. That's the hip problem.

So, I have now had 4 weeks of doing the infusion of CURVITRU. The last 2 weeks doing it myself.

It has taken me a little bit linger but that's fine. It is coming along.

I have 3 sites on my abdomen where the medicine goes in and it takes about 1hr 45 minutes or longer for the infusion itself. That doesn't include the prep before and finishing up, so it takes me 2 to 3 hrs to do this.

That's fine with me as my time is free except for medical appointments. So, it works.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Blessings and Prayers


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