Ongoing Saga, Hip Replacement

Last updated: September 2021

Hi all, so as I have stated previously I was seeing a surgeon on August 5th. She was very nice, but right to the point.

The waiting game & RA

She said it would be 2 years before she would be able to do surgery on me. But, with the pain she could see from me walking using my walker, that I won't be able to wait that long.

She has referred me to a colleague in Toronto. The referral has gone through, and I have the Dr's name but still waiting.

I have had to resort to using my walker in the house now as the pain is worst and my hip can give out. Sometimes I feel like I want to cut my leg off above the hip.

Managing rheumatoid arthritis pain

I am supplementing my pain med with Tylenol throughout the day and Tylenol Arthritis for nights. I do not take narcotics and don't want to.

I should be starting on Rinvoq very soon. I don't know but hopefully this might help some with my hip and leg pain.

I know there are many of you that have gone through this so I am not alone.

Thank you for understanding.

Blessings and Prayers


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