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My mum had rheumatoid arthritis her mum had rheumatoid arthritis but my doctor said it’s not genetic. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After my blood test for rheumatoid factor came back negative however I'm convinced I have RA and not fibromyalgia my vitamin d is low and now recent blood tests show my inflammation markers raised and I've not enough red blood cells and the ones I have an enlarged.
I've tried to explain my symptoms to the doctor in that when I wake up I feel like I've had my fists clenched all night and I've slept in a tiny box that stiff tight feeling of being in a small space for too long, when I put my feet to the floor my feet for the first few hours of the morning feel like I've been dancing in high heel shoes all night that burning painful feeling doctor said sounds like plantar fasciitis??? It's not by afternoon its virtually gone. I have what I call flares in that a few days before I feel like I'm coming down with flu exhausted want to sleep in the day then I get a burning like fire in my toes and fingers and they swell up like sausages my pain is in my arms and feet and its constant knawing pain. I'm having another blood test in two weeks will my inflammation markers be higher due to flare.
My eyesight is also affected my vision first thing in the morning is blurred this too improved throughout the day it’s safe to say I hate that morning feeling I’ve noticed over the last two years my flares are closer together why is my doctor reluctant to diagnose and should I ask for a referral to a rheumatologist to finally give me a yes or no answer.
I remember as a child seeing my mum with her hands in hot water crying with the pain and her hands deformed and bent inwards so this isn't something I want but I understand if it is treatment sooner rather than later is so important so can anyone tell me what do you all think I should do.
Thanks in advance.

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