RA Is Likely an Inflammation Caused by Allergic Reaction to Some Foods

25 years ago I was nearly paralyzed by joint pains in every limb.

RA & food allergies

A book written by a practicing doctor convinced me that RA is always related to some foods that are allergic to a person but these foods are different for different people.

He claimed he cured every single patient by determining which foods are allergic to him by a trial and error process typically taking about 6 to 8 weeks.

I could see the inefficiency of the detection process. If a person is allergic to 6 items and you remove 4 or 5 items from the diet there would be no improvement in joint health and you cannot determine if any of those foods are good or bad.

Testing my elimination diet

So I used a more efficient protocol. I started with eating a simple, single item that likely is safe and nonallergic. I chose a mixed green salad with a simple dressing.

I avoided adding any other items like crotons or crackers as wheat was a known allergen for me. My RA pain went from 100% to 0% in 3 days.

To see what other foods I can tolerate, I added one item for the next 3 days. (It was rice with lentil curry). It turned out to be safe.

Next I added milk to my diet and it turned out to be safe.

Next was milk with cornflakes cereal. Not good. Discontinued cereal and was back to normal.

Next was toast. Very bad. In two days the pain was almost 100%.

Recovered in about 3 to 4 days after discontinuing wheat. A few other bad ones were peanuts, soy, oats, Fritos corn chips, and black pepper. With all these items blacklisted, there was no more RA unless I wanted it (to retest the allergens).

What were the results of food elimination on my RA

It is now 25 years that I am RA-free without drugs, painkillers, and exercise other than what I get from normal moving around and household chores.

It is too bad only a few persons (about 2 thousand by my estimate) are aware of this RA avoidance method. The rest are wandering in the abyss of toxic drugs being told "RA is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure and some potentially deadly drugs can relieve some pain which will come back stronger when you discontinue them."

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