It's not me.

I could start this story telling you all I've had this for over ten years. Or I could start by saying I am learning to ride a motorcycle and started that last year. Or that I am a grandma of 7 and still work full time. I don't believe a diagnosis makes a difference in my life. I take my meds, get annoyed when my hands don't want to do what I want them to do, and modify my activity to suit my needs. We all do, diagnose or not. We get glasses to see better don't we? What is the difference?

On to the motorcycle. I've never been a motorcycle enthusiast. Never even drove a moped in my 55 years on this earth. But hubby got the bug. So he got a nice Harley and leather and it sure does make you look twice seeing your 62 year old partner like that. hhhmmm...back to this...So since I am a beginner, I bought myself a 1978 Hondamatic. That's right...automatic old beater that I tipped over in the yard, laughing so hard and I got right back on. Oh, the ER trip was later. Then I got my permit. I rode it like I stole it. 45 miles per hour on backroads. LOL. Then winter came and it got put in the shed with the Harley.
Hubby decided "You need a trike. That's too much for you with your disease". I'm not rich. Nope, gonna ride the 'matic with all you Harley guys. It's vintage like me. It has issues like me. And if I tip it over I can pick it up and get going again. He traded around some things we had until I got a Harley Sportster. So I got this nice black beauty and need a trike kit. Holy Cow! He got one on ebay. So my summer is coming together quite nicely.

Now why you may ask, am I writing this? I do not give up. I'm not going to be a biker with a disability. I'm not going to say how courageous I am doing this. I'm doing it because I am living, not just alive. I am the same person I was before the diagnosis. I just take pills now. I've taken infusions and shots. I've taken so many drugs, MRI's, CT's and xrays I should glow in the dark. Then I won't need so many lights on the trike.

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