My Journey with RA

I am 61 years old, will be 62 in Dec . In 1990 I was working in a hospital Lab, we often ran blood
work on ourselves. I had a tube of blood ran to check for the RA Factor I was told it was sky high, at the same time blood work was done in electrophoresis and two tests came back sky high.  I was told to ask my Dr. It took until 2003 to get a diagnosis of RA. Because of a needle stick I also have Hepatitis C .

I have yet been put on any med for the RA. I have severe joint pain in shoulders, hands, and feet-ankles.  I have been taking hydrocodone for 8 years and this is no longer helping the pain. I am so tired of the pain but I get up and do everything I can around my house daily. I just read about eliminating gluten from my diet.  Maybe it will help...somethings got to.

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