RA Journey With Passengers

I'm an RN who at age 59 was diagnosed RA and FIBROMYALGIA. My previous medical picture included OA, Spinal stenosis with severe foraminal stenosis in my cervical spine. I also had both knees replaced at ages 53 & 54 due to OA. Three Drs advised no more nursing due to risk of paralysis. So I quit and went on disability. After trying many medications I have yet to find one that is effective for my RA. Been on my current meds for 1 month but no improvement is noted. I do take nsaids and narcotics for pain that help which I would like to stop if I could find an autologic product that works. I am hopeful but it's difficult. I busy myself with sketching, making greeting cards,hemp bracelets and various painting projects. I have worked all my life and loved nursing...it was my passion. So my new role was quite devastating emotionally and financially. Thank you for this opportunity to tell my story and read about others. It is therapeutic to know you are not alone with these issues. My husband provides as much support as he can and I am blessed in that but communication with those in our shoes is priceless. Thank you and that's my story.

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