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JRA - Juvenile RA

Hey, I am Anna and I am 23-years old have a newborn and married for 4 years. I have story to tell but I am horrible with words so I will make it short and sweet!

I was 13 when I noticed my toes and knees starting to turn red and get swollen. I would complain to my parents about being in pain all the time. They just thought I was having growing pains because that is natural for young people to go through as our bodies are growing... but one day it got to the point to where I could not get out of my mom finally took me to the doctor ....

We went to the doctor and they ran some tests.  He told me my factor was high and sent me to the Texas Children's Hospital for further testing... so I spent most of my middle school and some of high school going to Texas Children's Hospital and taking all kinds of meds.

I was so limited on medication due to my age and finally when I turned 17 I was able to see an adult rheumatologist. This man did wonders and now at 23, I am off medication due to insurance problems and also breast feeding my first born son.

I am hoping by 2014 I will be back on meds, crossing fingers insurance will come through, and some what pain free.

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