Just diagnosed

I have just been dx with RA. Scared of course and wondering about life what will come next? Looking back, I think it has been trying to come out for about a year now but I just didn't know what was going on. I had to wait for Medicare to kick in before I could see a RA Dr. I am currently taking MTX (2.5mg 7 tabs a week) and naproxen (375 mg) each am or as needed. I have read much about curcumin and other natural supplements and am wondering if these are effective. I have taken MTX just 3 times now and so far I have not experienced any side affects.
This drug sounds really scary but I understand that it is for the best? I am wondering how this disease will progress or if it can be stopped in its tracks and things won't be so bad, I pray for the latter. My hands, shoulders and wrists seem to be the only areas affected right now and I fear not being able to hold my grandchildren. I try to keep a positive attitude but find that difficult at times. I'm looking forward to finding some information and support on this site.

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