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Just recently

I was recently diagnosed with RA nearly a year ago. I had been tested multiple times prior and always tested negative. I started dating a man that had severe RA with fevers and chills during his episodes. Sometimes it would take him 4 hours to get his feet operable enough to get out of his bedroom in the mornings. I can’t help but to wonder if somehow, I developed my issues because of some virus I contracted from him because my test results were very high CCPAB was 200 and ANA was 1280. I am a train wreck – I hurt all over – my lungs are affected, my eyes, my heart, my feet, my wrists, and recently I had an episode with my throat – it hurt so bad I could hardly swallow and when I did it sounded like bones crunching – it went away the next day but my neck felt so tender and bruised. I have no health insurance and I have multi sensitivities to medications especially steroids – I have no treatment options other than diet at this moment. I’m so scared it’s going to kill me. I’m only 51. I wish I knew what caused this – perhaps then I could know how to help my body get through this with little damage.

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  • Nana47
    2 years ago

    Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. My husband has had this for 18 months and it’s been a mission. You are, I believe, on the right track. I recently introduced Serrazime in my husbands regime. He is taking Sulfasalazine and Minocycline. As well as multiple supplements, Multi strain probiotics , including Sacharromyces Boulardii + MOS, and six weeks ago the Serrazime 20000 x2 twice a day. The Minocycline is given 100mg Mon Wed, Fri. As per the Antibiotic protocol. Six weeks ago he appeared to be having a flare but included Atrial Fib and that was treated with drugs which he has now stopped taking. The short story is that he now has no RA pain, or swelling. He is off his Naproxin and tapered off Prednisone. We are now reducing the Sulfasalazine as he is losing weight and has no appetite. I believe the Serrapzime and Serrapeptase to be the key. It breaks down Biofilms and enhances the effects of the Antibiotic. It is also anti inflammatory. I have also been massaging his arms, elbows, hands, shoulders, legs, knees and ankles and feet with my own Mix of Antiinflammatory oils and Shea butter. This for six months, everyday until this week. He has been almost pain free for a few weeks except for some random muscle spasms. These are diminishing. So to summarize. Antibiotics, doxycycline and/ or, Minocycline, Serrapeptase, mega probiotics taken away from when the Antibiotic is taken, and Cherry/ Cranberry juice for Polyphenols. And lots of fruit smoothies with probiotics. Stay strong.

  • Janrita
    2 years ago


    How have you treated yourself as if it is a bacterial/viral/fungal infection. I have tested negative for Lyme & RA, but I feel I have a bacterial infection. How do you convince Dr to prescribe something for bacterial infection? He has thus far only give me Anti inflammatory meds.

  • TerriSexton author
    2 years ago

    My doctor gave me 2 months of doxycycline for any hidden bacteria – approx 6 months ago

  • Nads
    2 years ago

    Hi Terri, my heart is with you and your suffering. I’m on medications and find the side effects are awful so am trying out more natural means and like DesertStormTrooper has suggested, it starts in the gut. So many RA sufferers get some form of stomach issues, ibs, chrones, celiac etc……… Just remember to do what YOU are comfortable with and that you are strong, stronger than this. Gentle hugs.

  • TerriSexton author
    2 years ago

    I was given a massive dose of Cipro in 2003 – I have been in tremendous pain every since. I’m only 51 and going blind, have RA, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I was a runner running 6 miles a day training for a marathon and had a urinary tract infection – after Cipro I couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes a day for the first 3 years. I have been working towards repairing my gut for years. I just purchased a new probiotic after learning I have milk allergies – it’s VSL3 – I’m hoping it will work better. I’m also taking digestive enzymes. My legs hurt so bad right now. My lungs hurt all the time. I have tried so many different fish oils and cod liver oils but it seems to make my pain so much worse – I have no idea why. The body is so complicated. I can’t tell if my night sweats are RA related or something else – my lymph nodes ache and have been inflamed for the first time that I have noticed and it has lasted so far 3 months. I don’t know how to help myself. My brain fog is a barrier and so is my eye sight.

  • Sneed
    2 years ago

    You might look into CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana. I live in Colorado, where MJ has been legal for several years, and I can say the THC portion is definitely helpful when things get to be just too much. I’ve never tried pure CBD but many report it to be helpful, as the article below references. You never know until you try.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Terri,

    I have treated my RA as it were a bacterial/viral/fungal infection and have not used any pharmaceuticals. Treating myself as if I have some kind of infection (antivirals and antimicrobials) has, basically, brought me back to life. I had horrible night sweats, problems swallowing, joint issues and inflammation. But, within weeks of treating it as an infection my symptoms began to diminish. So, many will disagree, but I think your gut is right, I believe that RA can be caused by an invader and that it can, to a small extent, be contagious.

    And really, it’s not that far of a stretch. It’s pretty well known that Lyme Disease is caused by one or more bacteria or viruses. And, Lyme disease can cause joint issues, CNS issues and even seizures. So if we know that bacteria can do that, why are we so against the possibility that RA/RD might be much the same?

    At any rate, I’m doing great. I’m not perfect. I still struggle with fatigue, some toe issues and some visible small scale inflammation. But, I feel great otherwise and am able to live normally at this point.

    Here is my story:

    Hope you are able to find some relief!

  • TerriSexton author
    2 years ago

    I’m so glad you replied – I totally agree – i can’t be convinced that a virus or bacteria didn’t cause this for me. It’s just too coincidental that I tested positive for RA after beginning a relationship with someone that has RA severely. Especially after having nursed him through fevers and child so severe his entire body would shake.

  • enya
    2 years ago

    Dear Terri,

    I am sorry to hear you hurt so much. I can relate somewhat to that. At the time of my diagnosis my body hurt so much, I could not walk 3 steps down the stairs. That’s when I started wondering how far I was prepared to walk along that road.

    I got lucky and found a natural approach I tried to handling my inflammatory arthritis symptoms. I got lucky again in that vegan diet and cardio exercise worked for me and within 3 months I was completely symptom free. I just wish I found about this approach through the well established channels like this web site or RAWorrior and not by chance.

    I am wishing you strength and do not despair! We are our best advocates. By constantly questioning our doctors and pushing the boundaries, we reach for the control of our health. Sometimes it feels the rains slip from our hands, but all we have to do is to get a tighter grip on those and ride on searching, asking, experimenting.

    For me Paddison Programm worked. It might work for you too. But the most important thing is to keep learning, sharing, and trying.


  • TerriSexton author
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much – I’ll look into that

  • Lauren Tucker moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi TerriSexton,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are sorry to hear all that you are experiencing and that you hurt all over. The pain and stiffness that comes with RA can be challenging, know you are not alone here and there are many others in the community that can provide feedback and support.

    First and foremost understanding RA, can be quite complex and while as you know it is an autoimmune condition here is an article that explains it a bit further:

    Since you mention not having health insurance I thought this article might be helpful at explaining 6 assistance programs for those living with RA:

    Additionally, treatments do work differently for everyone and there is no diet that is a “one size fits all” but we do encourage you to read more on our site about diets that may help.

    Please reach out to us anytime. We are glad to have you here are are always here to support you!

    Best, Lauren ( Team)

  • TerriSexton author
    2 years ago

    Thank you so very much – the assistance programs are mostly for prescription assistance – I need to seek alternative methods for treating my RA due to multi medication sensitivities – I have tried several of the RA meds and each time my body rejects them and causes more setbacks. Are there any alternative treatment programs?

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