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My name is Alyce I am 76 years old, wife mother and grandmother. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago. I think I had this disease far longer and was always told I had arthritis.

Since being diagnosed with RA I have been on many different things. Most made me feel terrible. My Doctor suggested Humira and several other Biologics but my oncologist said no.
I am now going to get rituxan Monday Feb 2. My Oncologist and rheumatologist are in agreement. I guess I am too.

Do these Biologics work? I feel I am too old to get this drug but my husband, children, and Doctors say no I am not.
I am still pretty active but the days with pain are too numerous. I certainly hope I will get relief.
I enjoy this website immensely and look forward to reading it.
Anyway thanks for listening.

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