Kathy's Tale

Hello everybody. My Dr diagnosed RA about a month ago. I never realised how painful it could be. I've suffered osteo for years and also I am diabetic type 1. I am waiting to see a consultant but the appt I am waiting for won't be until 13th June, ages off. I have started eating what I have looked online for which is foods for RA people and tbh it has helped me quite a but. I have now decided that I will try to work through the pain with a cheeky attitude and not give into it. The nights and mornings are the worst but I am determined to carry on with the diets and stretching exercises. Would love to get in the bath for a hood long soak but unfortunately my knees have gone as well......haha.....I think I'm ready for the knackers yard......no I'm only joking. I try and laugh as much as possible because it makes me feel much better. Anyway folks all of you take care. I will come back with news from my consultation. Xxxx

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